Meet the Team

In 1997, several neighbors got together, cooked up some BBQ in the backyard, and created Beaux Hawg BBQ. Now, these were not your average ‘handsome hawgs’…

Brain Landry – hails from South Louisiana and  is an enthusiastic Cajun cookin’ machine. Honing his skills over many years as a family apprentice, he specializes in Jambalaya and the great Louisiana cookbook. Over the past 30 years his cooking experience evolved from a hobby into a bustling business. A seasoned chef and slow-cooking mastermind, he is dedicated to sharing his talents with you and your guests.

Mark Johnston – is the executive assistant when we are cooking the jambalaya and has learned from Brian the skills of making the perfect roux for our Cajun dishes. He also helps keep one eye on the temperature gauges while keeping the other on the fire box. If you’re lucky he might even start speaking in a language that only he understands.

Stephen Ermgodts -is our Director of Operations. He helps keep everything running smoothly with his checklists and attention to detail.  As the resident expert on useless trivia, you may hear him recite such facts as “the average ear of corn has an even number of rows.” or “ketchup was prescribed as a medicine in the 1800s.”